Fragrances: Do You Need Them In Your Skin Care Products?


One of the components that is present if the ingredients list of skin care products is the fragrances. In fact, fragrances are used in an extensive variety of products such as cosmetics, make-up products, skin care products and even hair care products. However, as much as they perfume the products, they can also be dangerous for the skin.

What are Fragrances?

Fragrances can be of two types – Natural and Artificial
Natural fragrances are scents that are made up of a mixture of essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents that you can apply on your body to give it a pleasant smell.
Artificial fragrances are the ones that are added to beauty and skin care products in order to neutralize the odor of chemicals used in it. This way they are made to smell nice so that it appeals to the people.

Benefits of Fragrances
Skin care products are usually comprised of a number of chemical ingredients because of which they have a unpleasant odor. And this may get irritating while people use it. Therefore, fragrances are used in skin care products in order to cover the unpleasant odor of chemicals and make it more usable by people. In fact, many women consider the fragrance of a product while making a purchase!

Side Effects of Fragrances
Artificial fragrances are one of the prime causes of skin irritation and allergic reactions, especially on women with sensitive skin. This is because artificial fragrances are made from synthetic chemicals that are not suitable for the skin. In fact, fragrances with natural ingredients cam also lead to the same reactions. When these ingredients get absorbed within the skin surface, they can even damage the skin cells and harm your skin.

What are Fragrance-Free Skin Care Products?
There are many skin care products that are labeled ‘fragrance-free’ or ‘unscented’. Fragrance-free means that the skin care products doesn’t contain any odor. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is free of all chemicals and irritants. Rather, it could just be the case that the skin care products has been added with certain additional chemicals that masks the original odor of the formulation.

So the next time you go shopping for your skin care products, make sure you check the ingredients list of the skin care products rather then simply selecting them because they are “fragrance-free!”