How To Treat Acne Breakouts?

Acne Breakouts

Is there anything more disastrous than waking up in then morning and finding an ugly pimple on your face? The beauty of your face is completely spoiled by the tiny ugly speck. And you cannot even pop it because you may be scarred for life.

Acne and breakouts are a common problem no matter what skin type you have. All of us have encountered acne at some time in life. And if you are not careful in treating breakouts, it could result in scarring, slower recovery time, pigmentation problems and even more breakouts.

Here are some tips to deal with breakouts in a correct way so that you don\’t end up harming your skin.

Never Pop a Pimple
I know how tempting it is and how difficult it is to keep your hands from picking on the pimple. However, just remember that when you pick a pimple, you can end up spreading the bacteria in the surrounding cells and cause inflammations. This can aggravate the situation and slow down the healing process of breakouts.

Treat Early
Once a pimple is fully developed, there is nothing much you can do about it. So, just when you feel a breakout is about to happen or if you spot it at an early stage, start the treatment! You may feel it under your skin or notice the area has become red and itchy. Apply an acne spot treatment that\’ll keep the skin nice and clean. Look for once containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or tretinoin.

Apply it Correctly
Wash your hands well and just dab a bit of spot treatment to the pimple. Avoid touching it more than you have to.

Avoid Heavy Concealers
Women often tend to hide pimples with a heavy concealer. But it would have severe consequences as well. The heavy concealer can trap the oil and debris within the pore and aggravate the situation.

So, the next time you spot a pimple, don\’t panic. Rather, get started with the treatment there and then and be sure that it’s only a short while before the pimple is gone!